Surfing the cold Atlantic

Photos from a winter session in Maine

Escrito por: Will Carter
Visuales de: Seth Gaffar

The last thing people think of when they think of Maine is surfing. Unless you were, are, lucky enough to experience the refreshing cold, and peeling lefts at the rare spaces of coastline where Maine’s rocks give way to sand and beach breaks. Then, it may be the only thing you think about. Some of the best surfing in New England is ten minutes from where I grew up, and numerous inlets, coves, and jetties, all with their own unique wave patterns and lineups, are a quick trip or hike around the greater Portland peninsula. Would you believe, I’ve seen people get barreled while lobster boats pass in the horizon? Would you believe, the people here are so incredibly stoked that in the dead of winter, snow and ice coating the landscape, they actually suit up and ride some of the most turbulent gray swells you’ve ever seen? The community of Maine surfers all share that special urge to conquer the rugged wave, even if that means braving the subzero chill on a January afternoon.

surfing in maine

My longtime friend, and former partner in the lineup, Seth Gaffar, was kind enough to send Myopía a few of his favorite images from the winter season in Maine. But Seth’s eye extends to more than just surfing and waves; his social media feed is filled with the stark, misty images of the many shadowy mountain trails and rivers he stumbles upon while trekking through the Maine woods. Tranquility is his theme.

surfing in the sunset in maine

You can follow him on instagram here.


Will Carter

Will Carter is a writer and translator. He enjoys plants, graphic novels, free jazz, and Stanley Kubrick films.

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